Yohanan Farm is a small scale family farm in Purcellville, VA. We raise pastured poultry in the most sustainable way. Our farm does not use GMO's, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, appetite stimulants or confinement houses. In fact, nothing separates our chickens from the pastures on which they thrive. Every day, the birds are moved to fresh pasture for unlimited foraging and play. Our chickens consume lush grass, insects, and a custom blend of probiotics and organic (non-certified) feed from a locally-sourced mill. The best chefs in the world can taste every nuance of goodness in our final product, and we know you will, too.


Heritage (A Note From The Farmer)

I grew up on a 2,200 acre crop farm in Northern Minnesota. I remember when we first started planting GMO crops. We were excited that it was "roundup ready." Today, I recognize what glyphosate is, and what it does.  

I moved away from the farm, landed at a desk job in DC, and started a family of my own.  I couldn't help but hear the buzz surrounding local, non-GMO food. It resonated with my farming background and I now wanted to supply my city with grass-based meat. So we started direct sales in 2010 and finally incorporated (to supply unique restaurants and organic grocery stores) in 2014.

Eventually, I quit my desk job and launched this new sustainable farm full-time.  We saw that we were doing the right thing, as evidenced by the local interest our farm generated. People cannot get enough of the pasture-raised chickens. For some, it's a nostalgia thing (seeing chickens raised the way Grandma used to - outdoors on grass), and for others it's the nutrition (lower saturated fat, higher omega-3's, CLA, and more). For foodies, it's the superior taste. 

When looking for a farm to rent, we opted for a place we could rehabilitate, since so many Virginia farms are now neglected. Every day, I see the dilapidated buildings and abandoned fields, and know that my 3 kids will witness the turnaround and revival of small farms once again. Hopefully our kids won't know the phrases "monoculture" or "confinement animal operations."

Ironically, I'm most proud of my origin, my home farm, my heritage. "Big Ag" always gets criticized, but I know those farmers, and they taught me everything I know -- both about raising food and raising a family. So one of our farm's goals is to bring everyone together around a table of healthy food -- and to stop the arguments against big farmers, instead offering an alternative by way of example. It will be good to bridge the opinionated gap between small and big farmer, and show the world that there are good humans behind both models.

Until then though, we will raise chemical-free food and rebuild Loudoun's soil.  We'd love you to join us.  Click here for a list of grocers and restaurants that offer our products.