"We are so lucky to have the Yohanan family farm nearby producing the plumpest, most flavorful chickens I've ever tasted anywhere in the world."
-Chef Patrick O'Connell, The Inn at Little Washington



How Local Can You Go? (And Why "Local" Even Matters.)

"What does it matter where your food is grown? As long as it is certified organic, as long as it has ingredient X and not ingredient Y, what’s the difference if it is grown locally or in California?  Indeed it is true that with enough money, you can be independent of any specific human being–after all, you can always “pay someone else to do it.” [...like raise your food and package/ship it to the supermarket]. This is a false security though, because it merely substitutes dependence on people you know with dependence on anonymous strangers. True and lasting health cannot come from such 'independence,' which is really the attempted separation of oneself from the world. Health, which means wholeness, comes instead from stronger connections with others, not weaker ones, from interdependence, not independence. Like an ecosystem where each species relies on many others, security comes from strong mutual ties to other people." -Charles Eisenstein

What "Non-Certified Organic" Means

Did you know that most industrially raised chickens never see the light of day?  The birds are also debeaked, a practice that reduces bullying in henhouses (from the stress of being indoors.)  Thankfully, though, consumers are getting hip, and searching out local farmers that operate differently. 
We do things the ethical way and trust consumers to make a good choice. 

The Nutritional Difference: Free Range vs. Pasture-Raised

Raising birds on pasture changes the end product. The taste is superior, and the meat delivers vitamins and minerals that aren't in conventional chicken. Check out the side-by-side nutritional comparison between industrial-raised birds, confined organic birds, and ours. 

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